The Alps Residences Site and Floor Plans MCC Land

Inspired by The Swiss Alps, most of the blocks in The Alps Residences come with sky gardens to beautify the facade as well as provide a place of serenity high up in the tower blocks for the residents to indulge in and relax after their daily routine.


It is noted that there are many communal facilities such as swimming pools, children swimming pools as well as gyms and fitness corners available for the residents to use. As there might be immediate need of the residents to purchase groceries or breads for daily needs, MCC Land has incorporated commercial units in the development that is available both for the residents of The Alps Residences as well as the public.

The Alps Residences architecture design is also unique as most of the units are designed with an unblock view or having a huge frontage from the balcony. The inner facings block have around 50m of unblock view which is more than double of typical condos. Most of the units also have an internal pool view making Alps Residences one of the more highly sought after developments with unblock pool views.